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Oakland Schools, one of 57 intermediate school districts (ISDs), was established in Michigan in 1962. ISDs are regional service agencies that offer support services to school personnel that are best delivered regionally, as measured by cost, size and quality advantages. Oakland Schools is an autonomous, tax-supported public school district governed by Michigan General School Laws.

Oakland Schools serves 28 local school districts, 18 public school academies and nonpublic schools in Oakland County. Every district has a distinct character, arising from its unique community of learners and educators. Yet every one of the 28 districts shares a common goal: providing a quality education to every student. Oakland Schools works with these districts, nonpublic schools and public school academies to help each one preserve its own unique identity, respect its special needs, and deliver quality educational programs to every student in Oakland County.

The Michigan School Code requires every local school district to establish a local core curriculum and an aligned instructional program, which takes into account the content expectations of the state academic core curriculum for English language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. Oakland Schools provides this model to assist local school districts in establishing a local core curriculum. This model curriculum has been produced by the subject area consultants and local district contractors of the Oakland intermediate school district based upon their knowledge of state and national curriculum standards, their curriculum design experience with local school districts, and their study of professional literature in the field of curriculum.

Ideally, a local school district would design its own curriculum framework and core curriculum. Deliberation and curricular decision making at the local level is invaluable in reaching a shared understanding of and commitment to the curriculum. Most local districts seek exemplars to help them envision a high quality curriculum. They are eager for a framework within which to work and samples of the best work of others. The curriculum found on our public Atlas site has been produced in response to this need.

To view and download the curriculum, click on either the SEARCH or BROWSE buttons at the top of the page. NOTE: To find the English Language Arts and/or Mathematics curriculum that is aligned to the Common Core State Standards, you must filter to a “school” called “Common Core.”  You can use the Search feature to find where a certain topic or skill is taught. The Browse button allows you to browse by grade level or subject area. If you need further information please email us by clicking on one of the names below as we are happy to assist you in any way that we can.

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